Viareggio – Bastia – Viareggio 2023: NAVIGO recounts the nautical district among technologies, sustainability and green.

Workshops and technical meetings will take place in parallel with the historical regatta


Viareggio – Bastia – Viareggio, regatta of begone days, is back with its second renewed edition.
Thanks to the Club Nautico Versilia, in collaboration with NAVIGO – one of the most important player for innovation and devolpment in the nautical sector, here acting as the event technical organiser – the sponsors Fideuram and AXA, and the main public sponsor iCARE, manager of Viareggio Porto 2020, the competition celebrating the sailing world and the twinning between Viareggio and Bastia has officially started.

“The regatta is a fundamental event for the territory, and it impacts on the Tuscany district in many ways” – says the General Manager of NAVIGO Pietro Angelini – “first of all, giving much visilibility to the sailing world, with a focus on large vessels, thanks to the reconversion of the event from offshore to sail started in 2022. Secondly, it is an important occasion to celebrate the closeness between the two cities – which gives the event its name. Thirdly, it’s going to be a place to talk about new technologies onboard. Lastly, the plastic-free regatta promotes sustainability and green topics.

On July 6th NAVIGO will coordinate a workshop centered around the ESG certification and its three areas of interest: Environmental, Social and Governance. These three fundamental principles, closely linked togheter, are needed to measure the adherence of a company to the best European standard. The project CIELO is going to address crucial topics with the goal to extend the ESG criteria to all the port  Concessionaire Companies: a very ambitious objective for sure, but nonetheless close at hand, thanks to the three-years programme that will favor the product chain, funded by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca and realized by Lucense, which supports innovation and technology transfer projects in the sustainability field, bringing widespread relapses on both the territory and the production chain companies involved. Both stories and reports will be collected from some of the most excellent nautical and refit companies.

The onboard crew has had a special place within the regatta and for the nautical world in general: NAVIGO has always been side by side to both the crew and captains of the various vessel and its a very important international promoter of this world thanks to YARE, an event which reaches and connects business companies and megayachts captains.