EJOB, the results of the cross-border project for new professions in Italian and French yachting.

A conference organized by NAVIGO, Province of Lucca and Municipality of Viareggio. The experiences of the students and schools involved and post-training opportunities.


On Friday May 14th at 9 AM the partners present the results obtained with the cross-border project EJOB (Excellence Job On Board), financed and developed within the community program “Interreg Marittimo” which involves, in Italy, Tuscany and France through the Paca region (Provence – Alps – French Riviera).


The event is organized by NAVIGO, the nautical innovation and development company, in collaboration with the Province of Lucca, project leader, and the Municipality of Viareggio.


During the event, the stages covered in the two years of the project will be retraced, the conference will also present the experiences of the students and teachers involved in the project from Higher Education Institutes Carlo Piaggia, G. Marconi and Galilei – Artiglio in Viareggio and from École Hôtelière et de Tourisme de Nice Paul Augier. An in-depth analysis will be reserved to the opportunities offered by the E-JOB project, ITS training courses and post-diploma internships in Europe by the National Agency “Erasmus +


There will be speeches by Pietro Angelini, NAVIGO Director, Admiral Cristiano Aliperta, President of ISYL, Alessandro Meciani Councilor for Economic Development of the Municipality of Viareggio, Monica Lazzaroni Province of Lucca, Denis Férault Lycée P. Augier and Giovanna Summonti from ISYL Foundation.

EJOB aims to increase the job opportunities in the Maritime Sector, paying specific attention to yachting and launched three cross-boarder professional profiles: on board Chef, on board Steward and on board Engineer. The project defined competences involving students of nautical institutes and maritime companies, in order to have a uniform and cross-border feature in maritime jobs.


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To partecipate, registration is required at http://bit.ly/ProgettoEjob