TECHNICAL DESIGNER course is about to start


Registrations are now open for TECHNICAL DESIGNER | Technician of the design of industrial products

NAVIGO is a partner, together with the I.I.S. Galilei-Artiglio and at the University of Florence of the course led by the Teseo agency. The course will run from February to December 2020, with 800 total hours of which 240 of internships in the company. Thanks to the ability to use the software dedicated to technical drawing, 3D design (CAD) and prototyping, the figure exiting the course will have the opportunity to use it in nautical companies or in professional studios specialized in the design and installation of interiors and exteriors for boats. . The course is aimed at 20 graduates and, after passing the final exam, the qualification of “Technician of interior and exterior design and design of boats and assembly and restoration of nautical fittings” will be issued.

The course is entirely free as it is financed with the resources of the POR / FSE 2014-2020 and falls within the sphere of Giovanisi (, the project of the Tuscany Region for the autonomy of young people.

For information you can write to or call us at 0584389731

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