We design and manage significant community, regional, and national research projects, using our 6-step method to identify innovative and meaningful solutions.

Analyze the Idea

(evaluation of resources, foreign and domestic partners, universities, etc.)

Skills Assessment

(internal resources, foreign/domestic partners, universities, etc.)

Identify Public and Private Sources of Funding

Set Up a Financing Proposal

Technical Management Assistance

Disseminate and Exploit the Proposal

Research and Development

Industry research and/or experimental development designed to innovate a company’s products or business processes, particularly in the fields of ICT (Information Communication Technology), materials, nanotechnology, robotics, photonics, green technology, and the “smart shipyard”.

Technology Transfer

Development and adaptation of technology from research entities (universities, private laboratories, etc.) or specific market areas to be transferred into direct application, new products and processes, microinnovation, or new markets.


Coaching and support for companies trying to enter foreign and emerging markets through strategic planning, promotional activities, business matching, targeted communication, and accompaniment to the most important events in the sector.

Company Networks

Creation, promotion, and support of networks for businesses working towards common goals. These networks are made possible by funding at both the regional and the European level and can create opportunities for their member organizations to access untapped markets.