Katia Balducci (Overmarine SPA)


“NAVIGO has become a reputable entity that provides concrete services and projects. It has a wide array of unique members, from shipyards to refitters to suppliers to port services to ground services, and our intention is to add value to all of them. I am completely committed to the evolution of this firm, paying utmost attention to district and port issues, promotion, and innovation.”.

Andrea Giannecchini

Vice President

Supply; President of Cna Lucca

Michela Fucile

Port affairs; president of Confartigianato

Giorgio Campini

Shipyard and refit yards

Carmelo Sgrò

Ground services

Massimiliano Federigi

Dock services

Paolo Casini

Representative of the Province of Lucca

Marco Tomei

Representative of the Community of Viareggio