At the Euromaritime fair currently underway in Marseille, the three of the most important yachting clusters in the world signed the memorandum of understanding to work together on common attractiveness themes


The three main West Med clusters, NAVIGO, Riviera Yachting Network and Balearic Marine Cluster signed an international collaboration memorandum of understanding today.
The Western Mediterranean is the world’s leading area for yacht sailing and refitting. Every year more than 50% of the world’s yacht fleet transits through this maritime area and is refitted and maintained here. Italy, France and Spain, in more or less equivalent proportions from one country to another, in fact hold the international record from this point of view; Italy is also a base for new shipyards – with 6 of the 20 largest in the world.

The lines of transversal collaboration signed today concern some fundamental themes such as: training, to imagine professional development and training paths suitable for integrating our pool of skills, enriching it with transversal experiences; the collective promotion of West Med as a leading yachting destination, which will allow the 3 clusters to organize events or participate in them when appropriate, jointly; European planning, study and programming of innovative projects; joint work on regulations and their harmonization; the strengthening of the network between the 3 countries.
The close and formalized alliance today already sees 400 companies in the network, thanks to the sum of the companies associated with the 3 clusters, which will have the opportunity to strengthen their transnational network and generate important and profitable connections.
This agreement between the three most important regions in the world for the production and refit of yachts, by number and type of companies represented, will provide increasingly precise data on the sector of activity, B2B exchanges useful for the development of companies and a place for proposals and of comparing innovations and ideas” declared Katia Balducci, President of Navigo.
Being stronger together is the core philosophy of each of our clusters; it is the same one that guides our transversal agreement Yachting West Med Clusters – added Laurent Falaize, President of Riviera Yachting Network – in fact, despite being competitors, we can share common ambitions for attractiveness and sustainable development”.
As cluster leaders in our respective regions, we have identified common challenges that will impact not only our companies but all industries. In the next 10 years, companies will have to face important challenges such as the ecological transition, the management of big data and the transgenerational transition – comments Antonio Salom, President of the Balearic Marine Clusteras leading groups and with the belief that unity makes the difference come on, we signed this Memorandum of Understanding”.