MAQUAM – training course presentation

The training course “Manager of integrated services for boating and coastal tourism“, object of the Erasmus “Maquam” project, of which NAVIGO is a partner, will be launched on 16 March during the YARE event. The project aims both to promote the integration between boating and tourism, sectors that are increasingly close and integrated by the demands of the global market, and to promote the mobility of young people within Europe in the search for job opportunities and new professions of the sea. The professional figure created with the training course will have the role of managing, promoting and activating integration processes between the different sectors and services. The course, completely free because it is financed with funds from the European project, will last 300 hours of which 180 in the classroom (in the presence and in the FAD) and 120 in internships in Malta and is aimed at 20 unemployed young people under 35 and 10 employed of the nautical district. Navigo offers those attending the event the entrance to The Superyacht Captains Forum of YARE | Yachting Aftersales & Refit Experience. To participate in the event, limited to 25 people, it will be necessary to send an email with your data to no later than March 14 (the chronological order of arrival of the registrations will be considered), remembering that the possession of the super green pass is essential to access. Below is the program:

– 9.00 – 13.00 free participation in The Superyacht Captains Forum “by YARE (English language) location: UNA Esperienze – Versilia Lido

– 14.30 – 17.30 presentation of the Maquam training course: “Manager of integrated services for boating and coastal tourism” place: Polo Nautico, center of the Tuscan nautical district