Working in the technical offices of shipyards taking care of choosing and recommending new materials, interacting with designers, workers and interior designers to contribute to the process of building modern boats, with sustainable components and attention to the reuse process. It is the identikit of the professional figure of “Technician of the interior and exterior design of boats for the assembly and restoration of nautical fittings” which will come out at the end of the NAMASTE course promoted by the training agency ASEV spa of Empoli and Valdelsa, funded by the Tuscany Region through the GiovaniSi and POR FSE project and which sees the involvement of technical partners such as CNR, the “Nello Carrara” Institute of Applied Physics (IFAC) and NAVIGO, a nautical innovation and development company in collaboration with the Isyl Foundation.

An all-round expert to be included in the world of boating and shipbuilding who will operate both in the production system, maintenance and related infrastructures, taking care of the planning of the various processing phases and organizing human and material resources, knowing which strategies and measures to adopt. I will be able to work in the interior and exterior design of boats and will be able to apply the techniques and tools of naval design to the most innovative design, to follow an interior design project in its various aspects: from conception to executive drawings up to concrete construction on site. The course is scheduled to start at the end of January and there are places available for up to 15 students.

Attendance is mandatory for at least 70% of total hours and at least 50% of internship hours and there is a final test of each subject together with an exam in front of a commission appointed by the Tuscany Region. A 4th level regional qualification and a regional “Certificate of Competence” will be issued. The course is intended for young people and adults, inactive or unemployed who have a higher education qualification or three years of experience in the relevant sector. It is possible to contact the ASEV secretariat for further information: tel. 0571 76650, email info@asev.it or to this link