European tender won by NAVIGO

Levitad project will give companies vouchers thanks to Cosme funds.

An opportunity to increase the level of competitiveness and positioning in an evolving and transversal market: thanks to Leviatad, the nautical sector SMEs will have the opportunity to improve in two strategic elements, digitalization and internationalization.

976,000 euros allocated to the Levitad project will be distributed through vouchers to companies starting from next October.

The team that conceived Leviatad and made it possible to finance it is made up of European leading players in the economic and research: in addition to the Dltm, the Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce and the Toulon Var innovation support structures. Technologies (Tvt Innovation and Pôle Mer Méditerranée, Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Southern France region), De Blauwe Cluster (Oostende, Belgium), Navigo (Viareggio), Croatian Defens Industry Competitiveness – Hkkoi (Prelog, Croatia).

“Thanks to the collaboration with the Ligurian District of Marine Technologies – underlines Pietro Angelini, general manager of Navigo – it has been possible to develop a project that aims at enhancing nautical technologies in collaboration with companies outside the sector and operating in the defense sector. Leviatad is the opportunity to gather advanced technological elements and unite transversal partners useful for technology transfer actions and a valid contribution to offer SMEs competitiveness for new markets and digitalization”