New tools and digitalization introduced in Amsterdam. A debate between shipyards, refit companies and Marinas.


Shipyards, supply companies and Marinas have met during a workshop organized at Mets, in Amsterdam by Bellotti spa, leader company in wood branch and NAVIGO, the centre for innovation and development for the yachting industry. The world of traditional manufacturing evolves with digital communication methodology so that the path from the supply flanks the construction site from a strategic and design solutions.

Bellotti is an example of this kind of innovation and has started with NAVIGO a business strategy based on development of digital tools that help the company to empower 3 strategic assets: Commercial network, knowledge management and commission management.

“Digital Wood” workshop introduced to shipayards, supply companies and Marinas, the case study and the path started by Bellotti that combines knowledge, change management and digital transformation. The solution developed by Bellotti is built on an integrated tecnical and marketing web portal finalized to build a system which can help national and international refitting companies to support their planning skills on new boats. Bellotti launched this new project in Marinas, with a new vision of its marketing area, extending perpectives and – thanks to a remote coordination – providing design and forecasting in short time and in a better way both commercial and commission management.

We are very pleased to host this workshop together with NAVIGO – says Pietro Bellotti, CEO – we have centered the attention on shipyards and companies’ next choices. Sustainability is a global topic in all nautical industry and innovation is the key to develope refitting services and digitalization of a manufacturing world like the yachting is”.

“This workshop has shown a study based on how producers, suppliers and Marinas can work together to improve services and timing – explains Pietro Angelini, NAVIGO general manager – and it was helpful to illustrate what an integrated vision means in yachtung business. Companies need is to reduce delivery time, give costumers all the needed information and guarantee a well organized service. In this new aftersales market phase, organization is fundamental, and the new system we are working on with Bellotti allows companies to improve production, based on a global digital system”. In addition to Pietro Angelini and Petro Bellotti, Michelangelo Casadei Nautor’s Swan Group Chief Technical and Operational Officer joined the workshop, explaining Nautor role in the introduction of new technologies to improve experience and ecofriendly solutions, together with Michael Amato Lusben Business Development Manager, Matteo Italo Ratti  Marine della Toscana Consortium President and Federico Trippi, Innovation Manager and R&D Expert.