Digital Wood | workshop at METS

Workshop at METS Amsterdam


Digital Wood, Knowledge and Transformation by Bellotti workshop will take place on 17 November at 2.30 pm, in room D508 at METS Amsterdam –  shipbuilding and supply meet with the requests of customers who have marinas as a meeting point. The world of traditional and artisanal manufacturing evolves with digital communication methodology so that the path from the supply flanks the construction site from a strategic and design point of view, in the design of wooden solutions.

The quality of craftsmanship and custom made increasingly makes use of digital communication and knowledge management tools.

Pietro Angelini, director of NAVIGO, Pietro Bellotti, CEO Bellotti SpA, Federico Trippi, Innovation Manager and R&D Expert, Michelangelo Casadei, Group Chief Technical and Operational Officer of Nautor’s Swan, Michel Amato, Business Development Manager of Lusben and Matteo Italo Ratti talk about it. , President of the Tuscan Marine Consortium.

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