The strategic plan for 2024 was presented and approved

Yesterday, 25 October 2023, the NAVIGO Members’ Assembly was held at the Cittadella della Pesca in the renovated spaces of the Viareggio fish market. This event was an important moment of discussion between the company’s partners, during which the management shared information on the company’s performance, the new projects in the pipeline and the future prospects for growth and evolution, presenting the 2024 strategic plan, which obtained full approval from the members.

The meeting took place in the presence of a large group of representatives of the 200 member companies.

Navigo continues to grow, wins European projects and plans the future beyond national and Mediterranean borders by following the yacht routes – declared Katia Balducci, President of NAVIGOan increasingly international reality that looks abroad but without forgetting its origins and places from which it started

Artificial intelligence, robotics, ports, infrastructures, energy, technologies for managing time, digitalisation, staff training are the levers to compete now in these years in which it is essential to manage the growth of the sector – declared Pietro Angelini, director of NAVIGONAVIGO will be able to adapt again with an increasingly international look and an increasingly recognized capacity“.

The NAVIGO Shareholders’ Meeting is, as always, a unique opportunity to reflect on the company’s important growth path and to anticipate the challenges and opportunities that the future holds. NAVIGO is committed to continuing to drive innovation in the industry, while remaining true to its heritage and international aspirations.