The international yachting event hosted five workshops on the progress of EU projects participated by NAVIGO


To celebrate 10 years of YARE (Yachting Aftersales and Refit Experience), NAVIGO has organized the “Forum on European Projects” within the event dedicated to yachting, presenting the advances on funded projects together with the partners in five online workshops, from the European Union in which NAVIGO is actively participating. Technology, innovation, safe navigation, green charter are the different themes declined in the projects that have yachting and the sea as main themes.
Green & Blue Route Project has been one of the main topics, which faces the challenge represented by sustainable navigability, safeguarding the marine environment – giving the possibility to charter companies operating in nautical and naturalistic tourism to access protected marine areas, through specific consulting services that make them green.

It is funded by the Interreg IT-FR Maritime 2014-2020 Program and sees the participation, in addition to NAVIGO as leader, other 5 realities of the upper Mediterranean: BLUEHUB – special company of the Riviera di Liguria Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Centro Nord Sardinia, Chamber di Commerce of Nice and Velando, a network of nautical charter SMEs in Sardinia.
Another workshop was centred on Blue Roses Project (Blue Robotics for Sustainable Eco-friendly Services for innovative marinas & leisure boats) which aims instead to develop innovative services that seek to adapt marinas and the design of pleasure boats to the changing demands of customers by integrating robotics and IoT. The countries where the partners come from are: Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy with the lead body of the CNR INM project (Institute of Marine Engineering) of Genoa, the multinational consulting and development company Aninver of Malaga, the research and development center IST-ID of Lisbon, OptionsNet software agency and provider of IT and IoT services from Patras and Navigo.
The topic of training, with the involvement of three Italian and one French schools, was the focus of the EJOB (Excellence Job On Board) project, created to promote job opportunities in the sea economy with particular reference to yachting onboard. Funded and developed within the Community program “Interreg Marittimo”, it involves the Paca region (Provence – Alps – Cote d’Azur) in Italy, Tuscany and France. Lead partner of E-JOB is the Province of Lucca, the Italian reference partner is ISYL (Italian Superyacht Life), which groups together three higher technical institutes (ISI Piaggia, Galilei-Artiglio and Marconi), while France is represented by the Lycée des metiérs Nice hotel-tourisme.
Safety at sea is the topic of the ISIDE project – deepening of the risks of navigation through the development and application of innovative communication models, such as the integration of ship-port communication platforms already existing in the system authorities area in order to improve communication for monitoring the safety of coastal and port areas. The lead partner is the University of Cagliari with the Italian partners Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati e Tecnologie company, Port System Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, Port System Authority of the Sea of ​​Sardinia and NAVIGO. From the French side, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Bastia et de la Haute-Corse and Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Var participate.
Finally, update among the partners of the MED NEW JOB project which aims to identify innovative professional figures for the economy of the sea in order to build tutoring and coaching support activities and counters for self-entrepreneurship and the needs of placement in areas crisis and promote a shared approach for cross-border development and employment in the nautical sector and the sea economy. Lead Partner Province of Livorno Development with partners: Sardinian agency for employment policies, Ligurian marine technology district, Union Patronale du Var, Pole Emploi Corse and Navigo

NAVIGO, the nautical development and innovation company, is a reality that has found the support of the European Union and has channeled funding into technical projects in the pleasure yachting sector: the hub of possible new projects and a privileged and informed interlocutor for present and future calls.