Internationalization voucher

26 million euros available to support SMEs and business networks in their access and consolidation strategy in international markets.
By Ministerial Decree of July 17, 2017, the Ministry of Economic Development has financed the voucher for internationalization by providing 26 million euros for the support of SMEs and business networks in their access and consolidation strategy in international markets .

  1. Purposes

The intervention consists of a voucher, in favor of all those SMEs wishing to look at the foreign markets using the specialized Temporary Export Manager (TEM) capable of studying, designing and managing processes and programs on foreign markets.

It is worth pointing out that this is a fundraiser, and therefore it is a rare opportunity for Italian companies that want to internationalize.

Companies will be able to contact one or more service providers by selecting them among those accredited by the Ministry, which will be published in a specific list.


  1. Financial facilities

Within the total budget of € 26 million, three financial reserves were set up:

  • 3% is intended for those who have the legality rating;
  • 10% is intended for innovative start-ups or innovative SMEs;
  • 60% is intended for the granting of advanced stage vouchers.

Of the total disbursed, € 6 million – funded through PON Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014-2020 – are exclusively dedicated to support of companies with legal head offices in the Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, Apulia and Sicily regions.


  1. Le agevolazioni

To give continuity to this tool, a new call has recently been launched under the “Extraordinary Promotion Plan for Made in Italy”.

Among the most interesting news, it is worth underlining the two different facilities that SMEs will be able to choose, namely:

  1. “Early stage” voucher amounting to € 10,000 (reduced to € 8,000 for those who already benefit from the previous call), for a service contract of at least 6 months, at least € 13,000, stipulated with one of the subjects listed on the Ministry’s TEM list.
  2. “Advanced stage” voucher of € 15,000 for a service contract of at least € 25,000, with a minimum duration of 12 months. An additional 15,000 euro additional contribution is expected as a result of a 15% increase in the volume of business from foreign countries in 2018 and a percentage of the volume of business resulting from operations Foreign countries on the total turnover of at least 6%.

The choice between the two benefits is given by the different risk appetite of SMEs and their confidence in both their means and the incidence of EMI contributions.

The introduction of the advanced voucher can, in fact, create a causal link between the measure and the increase in the degree of internationalization achieved by the beneficiary companies.

Internal estimates suggest that about 1,500 vouchers will be issued, of which a third advanced and the remaining two thirds of the early type.

Finally, another important novelty introduced by the new edition is the inclusion of five specific merit classes of suppliers, based on the number and type of contracts signed and successfully completed, which will result in a final ranking. The latter will be used to give an important indication to companies during the next steps that will be taken.

Source: Ministry of Economic Development.

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